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Spice up your Friday evening with East-West food & wine fusion at our Curry My Favour event on Fri, May 5.

Join our popular 2-, 4- or 6-evening casual Wine Classes, starting again in May & Aug 2017.

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Advanced Courses - 2-4 evenings

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We love seeing our graduates again, and what better way to re-live past classes than to keep going? Building on our Wine Appreciation Course baseline, we're continually adding new Advanced Courses of 2-4 evenings featuring new topics and themes for those wanting ever more food and wine experience. That, and maybe a good excuse to see old friends.

Update May, 2016: Advanced Courses are now single-evening Wine & Dine Workshops. Learn, eat, drink, chat around a particular wine theme.You'll love it!

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Past Advanced Courses:


Grape Expectations! - Refresher Sequel Short Course - Thursdays 6, 20, 27 Nov & 4 Dec 2014

Grapes you know in both classic and modern styles... with a twist!

Time: 7:30-9:30pm

Location: Höschgasse in Zürich Seefeld neighborhood

Price: 85.- chf per evening

Availability: 5 places available

Brand new! A four-weeknight class series presenting the world's best grapes & styles with a novel twist--we'll compare how individual grapes change personality across the wide world of wine. We add new price point comparisons, today's popular specialty grapes & blends, and blind tastings. More wines, more practice, more fun.

Nov 6 - Grab That Cab! - World all-star "king" big red grape Cabernet Sauvignon grows well in cool & hot locations alike, while bright white "mother" grape Sauvignon Blanc (yes, they're related) rides an international popularity wave. Compare them worldwide in forms from restrained to revolutionary.

Nov 20 - We Know Pinot - Hard-to-grow, expensive elegant red Pinot Noir provokes both admirers and detractors, as do oft-adjoined whites Chardonnay & the “mutant Pinots”. From European roots to Earth’s sunny but coolest corners, we’ll present a full selection of food-friendly wines whose charm is hard to deny.

Nov 27 - Big Reds & Blend Trends - Hands down today’s reigning favorite style is the Big Red, whether as a single grape or complex blend. From the world's first ever legally protected red blend in 1919 to the modern Americas, Mediterranean & Oz, taste the sunshine in these big red wines and explore how 1 + 1 + 1 = 5 in grape blending.

Dec 4 - Oak Char or Terroir? - For all grapes, fevered debate swirls today regarding the influence of science vs. Mother Nature on wine style, including controversial "biodynamics". Compare side-by-side one winery using both gentle and strong winemakeing techniques, or ordinary vs. outstanding vineyard locations, or both. It's all about harmony ;-)


Hand Me the Wine Menu! - Advanced Wine & Food Pairing - Thursday 3 & 10 April 2014

Keep going with food pairing and gain even more confidence with your hands on that wine menu!

Before ordering any glass or bottle either early or late in the meal, your thoughts should first turn to food (actually wine, then food, then wine ;-) Over two weeknight sessions, we give you the rules of thumb necessary for pairing with aperitifs, salads & soups, first & main courses and desserts, and also the applicable “go-to” wines that you'll find on every menu. With several classic dish pairings to recreate for your home “restaurant”.


Advanced Iberia: Port & Sherry

We explore the famous fortified wines of the Iberian peninsula Port (Mar 27) and Sherry (Apr 3)--and it's not your grandmother's sherry! These are aperitif and cheese & dessert wines with a kick, and you'll understand why they belong among the world's most unique and historic styles. We'll also learn about up-and-coming wines of Portugal and Barcelona's Catalonia, respectively.
Two week session - Mar 27, Apr 3 2013 (booked)


Advanced Italy: North

The most famous names in Italian wine undoubtedly come from the country's northerly winegrowing regions. Take an inimitable wine & food tour through the oh-so-accessible "other side" of the Alps, from the legendary Piedmont, through both known favorites and new discoveries from Veneto & The Northeast, to the finale in everybody's favorite holiday destination--where else?--Tuscany.
Three week session - Feb 7, 14, 21 2013 (booked) 

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