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Join our popular 2-, 4- or 6-evening casual Wine Classes, starting again in May & Aug 2017.

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At-Home Wine Course - 3-7 evenings

You clear the table, we bring the wine.

When it's easier said than done booking babysitters, keeping the kids' schedules and negotiating a free evening, our At-Home Wine Course brings the solution.  You provide the friends, the dining room table and room for children to play, we provide the wine, the education and the social event.  Available from 3-7 weeks and flexible to fit your schedule.

Please simply contact us to discuss in more detail.

Course Goals >

Learn the full world of wine on the family's schedule.

Our unique At-Home format provides the full education and experience of our complete Wine Appreciation program at your convenience. A three-week selection covers the fundamentals of navigating wine:

1. Familiarity with the world's major wine types
2. Understanding differences between New World & Old World wine styles
3. Learning how wine and food make each other better

A four- to seven-week selection adds depth to your enjoyment of world wine, food and travel.  We expand your knowledge of the world's major wine regions and styles, especially selected European countries--Italy, Spain, France, Germany, Switzerland or others--but also including the popular New World areas--Argentina, Chile, South Africa, North America, Australia and New Zealand.

Of course, it's also a chance to learn, drink and eat in a comfortable environment (your home!) with good friends, with someone else doing all the work.

Additional Details >


  • Young parents, road-warrior professionals or both; anyone with difficulties attending a typical weekly classroom format
  • You invite friends from the neighborhood or around Zürich, minimum 6 to maximum 10 adults.
  • Child care arranged between class members; children of course welcome at class


  • Per your availability, from three to seven evening sessions, normally one session per week consecutively, but planned together with some flexibility.   Dates once set require 30-day cancellation notice.  
  • Weeknights and weekends available
  • Evening 7:00 or 7:30pm class start until 9:00 or 9:30pm is typical; afternoon sessions also available

WHERE:  Your house each week, or a rotating program in which class members take turns hosting

COST:  80-125. chf per person per class, depending on total class size

WHAT IF I HAVE TO MISS A CLASS?  Makeup sessions for indivduals are not available for the At-Home Course. 

WHAT'S INCLUDED:  Tasting of 25 to more than 60 unique wines depending on number of classes; identical education format to full courses; food pairings; weekly presentation handouts and class folder with weekly study materials

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