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You'll never say No Way, Rosé! to summer's coolest wine style after this nifty social event on Fri 8 Aug.

Our mega-efficient 3-week Quick Wine Course covers key wine themes, starting August & September.

Enjoy the wide world of wine & food in our full fun Wine Appreciation Course beginning August & Sept.

Uncorked Wine & Food Events

We call them Wine, Food, Wine! events for a reason.

Want to check out our style before signing up to a wine course? Or maybe you're just interested in meeting some new people in Zürich and trying a selection of good wines with food. Our Wine, Food, Wine! events are a guaranteed good time, but first a friendly warning: you may just learn a little something to expand your wine horizons and show off at your next dinner party.

Evenings feature a particular wine region or style, offering 8-10 or so special wine selections for tasting which highlight and explore the theme. We're nuts about wine and food pairings--in which the wine or food or both are improved by the other's company--and therefore serve several food dishes alongside chosen bottles. Pairings are sometimes simple, sometimes transformational, always true to the region.

Coming Events:


No Way, Rosé! - Summertime's White/Red Hybrids - Friday 8 August 2014

Say "yes way" to summer's cool pink wines!

Time: 7:00-10:00pm

Location: Red and White New World Wine
Zentralstrasse 131, 8003 Zürich

Price: 75.- chf per person

Availability: Please join the waiting list!

Rosé wines are a classic wine world paradox--hugely popular in some areas, shunned in others. What's the misunderstanding? Well, there are lots of great rosés but unfortunately lots of plonk too; to make matters worse, color and price are a terrible indicators of quality. So what's a hot, thirsty, confused wine drinker to do? Join this Wine, Food, Wine! event and taste the whole spectrum of summer's coolest wines, from delicate blushing masterpieces to deeply extracted "construction workers'" rosés. Part of the puzzle is that their personality develops with certain foods... the dishes we're serving that evening!

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Past Events:


Corks & Coals - BBQ Party with Wine - Friday 11 July 2014

Fire up that barbecue and grab a corkscrew, people!

Summer is barbecue season and--although we enjoy a good beer as much as anyone--lots of wines go great when you're entertaining in the fresh air and sunshine. Fresh whites, misunderstood manly rosés (you heard me) and of course, big smoky reds for all that meat.

In this Wine, Food, Wine! social event, we'll open plenty of fantastic barbecue wines and put grill marks on some favorite pairings for your eating and drinking enjoyment and you'll discover some great values and barbecue ideas. So grab your tongs and join us for a classic summer party!


Chile vs. Australia - World Cup of Wine - Friday 13 June 2014

A matchup of great-value wine producers!

The world catches Brazil's football fever as the World Cup kicks off June 12th. Before Chile & Australia battle on the field, help predict the outcome by blind tasting for fun and voting on their great-value wines at one of our signature Wine, Food, Wine! events. Who knows, it could be more successful that Paul the Octopus!

Group B stands for 'Bombastic Bargains' as we conceal the identities of Shirazes, Cabernets, 'GSMs', Carméneres and more big red faves... let your taste determine the outcome, always with specially-prepared local food pairings, of course!


Margaritas & Magnums - Authentic Mexican food with wine - Friday 16 & 23 May 2014

A fiesta of authentic Mexican cuisine with... wine?!

Authentic Mexican cuisine is rare outside the country itself, renowned among the initiated for vibrant, bold and complex flavors. The real thing goes beyond burning spice, haphazard fajitas or burritos. It's the zing of properly fresh guacamole, the earthy chile-chocolatey-ness of long-simmered mole negro sauce (yes, chocolate is an ingredient), the zesty lift of a 3-ingredient premium Margarita (none of which is sweet-and-sour mix)... a new experience! Bright and earthy Mexican flavors blend swimmingly with a palate of diverse world wines from Spain to France to New Zealand. You won't forget it, we promise!


Chile... Con Carne - Friday 25 April 2014

Chile's wine values will rumble your stomach!

The Chilean wine industry began its transformation in the 1990s, quickly establishing a global reputation for excellent value for money wine. Today winemakers in the so-called "viticultural paradise" set sights on a new goal, producing outstanding premium wines as well. Could you tell the difference if we hid the prices? ;-)

Chile produces all the world's favorite grapes--Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon--often with amazing intensity and bang for the buck, while rustic local Carmenère grape is a hidden gem for all you Argentinean Malbec lovers. As always, we'll serve up traditional Chilean fare alongside, and you know it just might include some carne (that's meat!).

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