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Spice up your Friday evening with East-West food & wine fusion at our Curry My Favour event on Fri, May 5.

Join our popular 2-, 4- or 6-evening casual Wine Classes, starting again in May & Aug 2017.

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Testimonials & Corporate Reviews

We have a lot of fun meeting wine beginners and wine lovers alike in Zürich and--more importantly--they have a great time meeting each other!  We've copied some feedback below, completely unadulterated and believe it or not, without even twisting anybody's arm.

From wine beginners >

- "It was great! I was afraid of meeting a bunch of stuffy, pretentious wine snobs, but instead everyone was easy-going and unafraid to ask basic questions. I learned a ton and wine no longer seems so mysterious. Best of all, I discovered new wines that I like and have learned how to identify wines that I'll be happy with."

- "I really enjoyed the course and will definitely recommend it. I think your approach is perfect for making people curious about wine and eager to learn more, guide them through this new experience and help them find his/her own taste and style."

- "Friendly environment in which to learn. I thought on the whole it was excellent."

- "Was good fun, and has already been useful. For sure I have an amazing base to continue learning more."

- "Really good experience. Would recommend it to others in a flash. Thanks!"

Wine lovers on finding new wine styles >

- "Class definitely exceeded my expectations: removed my biases (i.e. I hate Chardonnay) and gave me an appreciation for all types of grapes. The wine and food pairings are great--good life skills! I will definitely recommend the course to others."

- "I had such a fantastic time, it was so much better than I was expecting!  The number of wines we got to try, the food pairings, the great teachers... it was just the right mix of informative and fun."

- "It was a great experience.  Personal and professional at the same time and I am ready to come back for more classes :-)"

Meeting people in Zürich >

- "I enjoyed it a lot. Both learning about and drinking wine, but also meeting new people."

- "Lots of fun, I was really glad we went, plus we made new friends which we haven't done very much of lately, thank you so much."

- "Loved it!"

Corporate event reviews >

"Uncorked was the perfect Corporate Event for team building; the evening provides a perfect balance between education and socializing. The course content and food pairings, along with the dynamic facilitation created an environment for sharing, learning and bonding. The class will be enjoyed by wine enthusiasts as well as those new to wine appreciation."
  --Event organizer, Ernst & Young Advisory Services, Zürich

"Many thanks to Uncorked for preparing a fantastic evening for our work team outing. The evening was a perfect combination of a little bit of learning, time for socialising, some competition and some fantastic wine and food pairings. The setting was perfect and everyone particularly enjoyed the blind tasting competition at the end. Looking forward to the next event."
  --Event organizer, Aon Global Risk Consulting, Zürich

"The Uncorked evening was by far the most popular Team-Building event I have had with my staff. It had a perfect mix of interesting education, informal socializing and fantastic wine and food. Our host was a fountain of knowledge who we were unable to stump with any of our obscure questions and the blind tasting competition was particularly popular, adding a friendly but competitive end to the evening. Two of my staff later requested details to take the full course and I will personally looking out for future opportunities to go again myself so I can’t recommend it highly enough."
  --Event organizer, Credit Suisse AG, Zürich

References available on request from these Zürich and Switzerland corporations:

- Baxter Healthcare AG
- Credit Suisse AG
- Ernst & Young AG
- Ferring Pharmaceuticals SA
- Finnische Handelsgilde Zürich
- Hyatt International LLC
- Legg Mason Asset Management
- Pennside Pharmaceutical GmbH
- Zurich International School

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