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Our courses are focused on exploring and learning more about wine & food in a relaxed, non-snobby and fun environment. We offer several course formats to fit busy schedules.

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Just The Grapes! - Wine Tasting - 2 evenings

When you want to make sense of the wine world without investing serious time, you need to know the best grapes and their "personalities". Train your tongue and improve your vocabulary in just two evenings. The first evening is often a revelation alone! CHF 100.- per evening. More details...

Quick Wine Course - 4 evenings

We open the wide world of both wine and food pairing for you. Begin with Just The Grapes!, then continue tasting how those grapes change personalities around the world. Unravel how both climate and winemakers leave their mark on every bottle. When time is tight, there's no better way to begin navigating the real world of wine. CHF 90.- per evening. More details...

ŸŸŸWine Appreciation Course - 6 evenings

We cover the world's major wine grape varieties and regions in an easy-to-learn format; taste over 60 unique wines including white, red, sparkling and dessert styles. We also develop skills for reading wine menus and finding values, and show weekly examples of how wine and food can improve each other. Our most popular class. CHF 85.- per evening. More details...

Advanced Courses - 2-4 evenings

Building on our Wine Appreciation Course baseline, we're continually adding new courses featuring expanded topics and themes for those wanting ever more food and wine experience. CHF 85 - 100.- per evening. More details...

At-Home Wine Course - 3-7 evenings

You clear the table, we bring the wine. When family schedules make classes too tricky, invite your neighborhood friends & kids and we bring the wine education to you. More details...

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