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Hide your eyes for our blind tasting & pairing experiment for fun, Top Rack Or Brown Sack? on Fri, Mar 31.

Spice up your Friday evening with East-West food & wine fusion at our Curry My Favour event on Fri, May 5.

Join our popular 2-, 4- or 6-evening casual Wine Classes, starting again in May & Aug 2017.

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Uncorked Events Schedule 2016

Something to look forward to all year! All registrations available in advance, follow links below. Full event descriptions published on Events and Workshops pages three months in advance.


Wed, Mar 9. Wine & Dine Workshop - Fruit Of The Boot
Italy's best wine & food pairings (sold out)


Wed, Apr 6. Spring I Wine Class evenings begin
2-, 4- or 6 Wednesday evening sessions (register)

Fri, Apr 15. Wine, Food, Wine! Event - Insane For Spain!
Spain's big reds and little bites (register)


Wed, May 18. Wine & Dine Workshop - Hand Me The Wine Menu
Foolproof tips for finding the right wines on intimidating restaurant menus (register)


Fri, Jun 17. Euro Champs of Wine, Food, Wine!
Predict Euros Switzerland v. France match... by drinking their wines! (register)


No events scheduled.


Fri, Aug 26. Wine, Food, Wine! Event - No Way Rosé
You'll say "yes way!" to summer's coolest wine style (register)

Wed, Aug 31. Autumn I Wine Class evenings begin
2-, 4- or 6 Wednesday evening sessions (register)


Sun, Sep 18. Wine Workshop - Wine + Cheese = Heaven?
Taste the all-time best, easiest wine & cheese pairings as part of Curious Courses Day 2016 (info & register)


Wed, Oct 19. Autumn II Wine Class evenings begin
2-, 4- or 6 Wednesday evening sessions (register)

Fri, Oct 28. Wine, Food, Wine! Event - Take A Chance on France
Double down on the wine & food giant... it's a winner's bet (register)


Thu, Nov 3. Expovina wine boats drop anchor at Bürkliplatz

Thu, Nov 17. Expovina wine boats pull the plug

Tue, Nov 29. Wine Workshop - How To Host A Brilliant Holiday Party
Wine tasting and mini-cooking course, holiday-style (register)


Sun, Dec 4. Wine, Food, Wine! Event - Sunday Lunch with a Punch
The deliciously lazy Sunday afternoon event (register)

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