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How much should I know about wine before attending a Wine & Dine Workshop? Absolutely nothing or already something are both fine. The whole idea is to experience something new!

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Spice up your Friday evening with East-West food & wine fusion at our Curry My Favour event on Fri, May 5.

Join our popular 2-, 4- or 6-evening casual Wine Classes, starting again in May & Aug 2017.

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Uncorked Wine & Dine Workshops

Eat well, drink well, and maybe even learn a little something.

Without a doubt, the best way to learn about wine is to experience it like a local: in combination with local food and a touch of cultural background. Of course, backdrops of beautiful sun-drenched vineyards don't hurt either, although not always available midweek.

Each informal and entertaining "crash course" about a particular world wine region or style provides the key grapes and regional names to remember and the cultural whys that make them click. Way beyond typical humdrum wine tastings, our Wine & Dine Workshops offer more than opportunities for exploration in a single evening--we fill you up with wine & food pairings as well.

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Past Workshops:


How To Host A Brilliant Holiday Party with Wine & Cheese - Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Wine tasting and mini-cooking course, holiday-style

Learn, taste--and practice with your own hands!--the best, easiest-to-find wine & cheese pairings of all time and impress the heck out of your friends.

We'll pass along lots of easy party hosting tips and pro secrets from our years of experience and hundreds of parties big and small. Whether you're inviting 4 or 40 people over this holiday season, we teach you the easiest, best tips for hosting a brilliant party.

Don't come starving hungry (have a snack beforehand!) but ready to eat and drink as we'll prep together and taste several cheeses, cheesy dishes and of course, really good classic wines.


Wine + Cheese = Heaven? - Curious Courses Day - Sunday, September 18, 2016

Learn and taste the best, easiest-to-find wine & cheese pairings of all time!

Ah, those two fermented wonders of the world! Few food products seem more tantalizing – yet also more confusing – than wine and cheese. Some pairings make heavenly partners, others quite terrible. With such dizzying choice, where does a hungry consumer begin?

Learn the best, easiest-to-find classic combinations with no more complicated selection than your local Coop or Migros. Most importantly (and deliciously), you’ll taste how the right wines and cheeses actually make each other better, with other simple tips guaranteed to effortlessly impress at your next apéro or party.


Hand Me The Wine Menu! - Wednesday 18 May 2016

Find the right wines in that enormous wine menu

Before ordering any glass or bottle either early or late in a restaurant meal, your thoughts should turn to food (you're there to eat, after all). But it's difficult enough just holding the massive wine list, much less ordering from it, right? Never fear, solid "go-to" wines exist in plain sight and we tell you how to find them. We play the restaurant's role and pair with dinner as we go, demonstrating how the right wine and food improve each other with apéritifs, salads and main courses. You'll never hand the wine menu down the table again.

Not a lecture, rather a nice mix of learning, eating, drinking and chatting. Includes take-home reference materials.


Fruit Of The Boot - Wine & Food Tour of Italy - Wednesday 9 Mar 2016

A taste of Italy's best from north to south!

From the snow-capped northern Dolomiti to sunny southern Sicily, the fruit of Italy's long, rugged "boot" is a centuries-long appreciation of a splendid range of wine & food styles. Taste the diversity yourself in this favorite Wine & Dine Workshop, an evening tour of Italy's most famous wines with classic regional food pairings, from Piedmont, Venice, Tuscany, Sicily and more.

Not a lecture, rather a nice mix of learning, eating, drinking and chatting. Includes take-home reference materials.


Grand Torino! - Wine & Food of Piedmont, Italy - Wednesday 6 May 2015

Italy’s true wine & food mecca is oh-so-close to Zürich, but so quiet that you might miss it.

The foggy hills of Piedmont shroud some of Italy’s best-kept secrets: land of butter over olive oil, incomparably rich risottos and every braised meat imaginable. Not coincidentally, Slow Food’s birthplace is also arguably Italy's best wine region (shh, don't tell Tuscany!). Taste an array of local whites, reds and sparklers, leading up to (what else?) a famously expensive and long-lived Barolo. Did someone say truffles?

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