Curry My Favour - Wine with The Sauce

Curry My Favour - Wine with The Sauce

Spice up your Friday evening!

Friday, May 5, 2017
7:00 - 10:00pm

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at Steinfels Weinhandel, Pfingstweidstrasse 6, 8005-Zürich

Includes four courses with six wine pairings

The allure of exotic, complex, vibrant spice blends enticed Westerners to risk life and fortune a half century ago and push world boundaries pursuing a flavorful kick. You'll risk less attending this inspired wine & food event, as we lay a base of garlic, ginger and onion to build some non-traditional food & wine combos.

Curries preserve foods in climates too hot for grapes, meaning wines traditionally never featured. Can we achieve East-West culinary harmony? You bet we’ll try! Don't sweat (literally) the chili Scoville units, we minimize uncomfortable burning in favor of flavor.

From mountainous Kashmir heights to buried Punjabi tandoors and Thai coconut coasts to a popular European fusion, we’ll toast favorite famous curry dishes with unexpected wines. Not a lecture, rather a nice mix of learning, eating, drinking and chatting.

Customer Reviews

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Curry My Favour - Wine with The Sauce

A great, relaxed evening, good company, some unusual, yet inspiring and good wine-food pairings. We both enjoyed it very much, as always!

5 star

delicious :-)

Curry & Wine

I'm a Brit so Curry is a big cultural reference for me. The opportunity to sample curry with a variety of wines - was just too good an event to miss. R&S did a superb event - again!

Great pairing concept

It was very interesting to find that wine can be paired with curry, the pairings were great! I would have liked to have a bit more depth on the wines we were tasting but nonetheless it was a very interesting and enjoyable evening!

Hi Rod, thanks for the nice review, it was a pleasure to host you! Good point, we can certainly discuss more about the wines and pairings with interested people, not only just eating and drinking. You and Teba are welcome anytime, hope to see you again..! Robert

ll Uncorked events have one thing in common - so much fun! Carefully selected wines, perfectly matched to freshly cooked food, nice ambiance and interesting people - count us in for the next event :-)