Since 2013, Uncorked hosts Zürich's most popular English-speaking wine courses, wine tasting events and team building aperos.

From the beginning we've strived to provide the best possible experience for every single customer on every single evening. We invite you to join us... and then let us know how we did!

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Wine Tasting Course - 2 evenings

I really enjoyed the course and I learned something about white and red wines. I myself do not drink regularly wines. Thank you for hosting me. Best Yvone Moosmann

Just Grapes - Great overview about the Fantastic 10 grape varieties!

I had the pleasure to join the Just Grapes course consisting of 2 classes - first one focused on white wine and the second on red wine. Robert does an amazing job in explaining the grape varieties and showing his passion about the work he is doing! All the wines that we’ve tried during the class were perfectly matching the theory and explanations he gave us. Robert also gave great reccommendations for food pairing. Would definitely reccommend this course!

Great course!

Very practical knowledge, just as expected!

Good enjoyable event to understand the basics about wine tasting

See title :-)

Oh yes!

Robert is a fantastic teacher and the course really helps to enjoy the next glass of wine in a more meaningful way!

Fun and Entertaining Way to Learn About Wine

I took Robert's 6-week course and I am now so much more confident when it comes to wine. Not only do you learn a ton about wine regions, grape varietals, and general wine also get to taste some amazing wines with friendly people. Highly recommend Robert's courses to anyone interested in learning more about wine.

Great wine and food, even better pairings!

Thanks Robert for the evening, we're looking forward to your next event!


It was great networking opportunity, lot of fun and also new knowledge

Enjoyable fun evening

Thank you Robert and Stephanie for fun and lovely evening! we enjoyed it a lot! i found the balance between the amount of wines, amount of food, explanations and small guessing games very good!

Yes way Rosé

Really cool evening with interesting selection of wines, great food pairings and convivial hosts. We'll be sure to come again.

Rosy Rose!

Another lovely themed event from uncorked! I love Rose, but it was so interesting to try a few different types, especially the surprise wine! As always lovely food pairing to delight and inspire (that prawn tostado..!). I'll be recommending to friends!

Enjoyable night out - great food, wine not as hoped

The food was great and the presenter extremely knowledgeable. the food surpassed my expectations - very good and interestingly different and good with wine! I love rose and was looking forward to finding a new one to like - in a hazardous field (most rose isn't wonderful, but when it is, it is!). But these weren't to my style, although close... the Miraval wasn't available as planned

Blind tasting?!

Just pretty fun event!
It ist pretty nice to know, that I am definitely a "expensive" wine drinker!
Thank you Robert and Stephanie once again!

Brilliant evening

Great way to spend a Friday night. Opportunity to try new grapes, different wines, meet brilliant people of all nationalities and enjoy some lovely food accompaniment. Can't recommend enough! Will definitely go again and recommend to friends.

Such a good mood

I found the event great - the wine and the surprisingly delicious food contributed a lot, but also the great group made up for a very fun and lively evening. I also enjoyed the choice of wines, maybe next time making it a bit more difficult would be also interesting. Will come back for sure :)

Great event with fantastic atmosphere !

nicely organized event, the food pairing is tasty and in a good quantity. Would be lovely to be able to have bit more discussions and interactions regarding the wines during the event. But well done!

Great event with great people

Hi Robert, it was a pleasure to participate at this event. I liked the selection of wines and the food. I liked the most the people.
Not sure what it can be improved... maybe the quantity of food? :P.
Loved the event, thank you so much.


Very fun concept, and excellent food pairings. Looking forward to another event.


Top Rack Or Brown Sack? - Blind Tasting For Fun

$$$$ wines are better...not so fast

Had a great time at the blind tasting, learning that more expensive does not mean better tasting. It was a pleasant, casual evening, good wine and food with great hosts and a nice group of participants from all over the world. Would definitely do another evening with Uncorked Wine Appreciation!

Great class!

As always, another great class from the Uncorked team. A lot of fun and plenty of learning mixed in so that you take away as much in knowledge as you do in wine tasting. Will not hesitate to join another class!

Never a dull class!!

Really loved this session as Robert focused on the really local wines available in this region with some very surprising results even between the same grapes! Really enjoyed the food pairings (and appreciated the effort for this class in particular!). Would love to see the advanced classes become part of the regular class offerings :)

Hi Tamsyn, huge thanks :-) And ah yes, great idea, we should repeat the Advanced Class offerings immediately after the regular class sessions... simple and brilliant!

Malbec & Amigos: Best of South America - Workshop Class

Super Fun and Informative Evening Learning about S.American Wines

These classes are a great way to learn more about wine including regions, varietals, and the wine-making process all while tasting unique local wines with delicious food pairings. The atmosphere is relaxed, fun, and not stuffy at all. As Robert says, "No wine snobs allowed." Highly recommend these classes for anyone who is interested in learning more about wine and looking for a fun evening with cool people!