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Margaritas & Magnums - Authentic Mexican with wine

Loved it!

Thanks so much for hosting such a great event! It was my first one and I'll definitely be back!

I especially loved the chicken mole dish and the Negroamaro di Salento "Mavrio". =)

Thanks again and it was lovely to meet you both!

Curry My Favour - Wine with The Sauce

A great, relaxed evening, good company, some unusual, yet inspiring and good wine-food pairings. We both enjoyed it very much, as always!

5 star

delicious :-)

Curry & Wine

I'm a Brit so Curry is a big cultural reference for me. The opportunity to sample curry with a variety of wines - was just too good an event to miss. R&S did a superb event - again!

5 star

Quick Wine Course - 4 Evenings

Great pairing concept

It was very interesting to find that wine can be paired with curry, the pairings were great! I would have liked to have a bit more depth on the wines we were tasting but nonetheless it was a very interesting and enjoyable evening!

Hi Rod, thanks for the nice review, it was a pleasure to host you! Good point, we can certainly discuss more about the wines and pairings with interested people, not only just eating and drinking. You and Teba are welcome anytime, hope to see you again..! Robert
4 star

A ton of information, it is impossible to remember everything. Maybe you could set it up more as a workshop. Meaning that the people need "work" more to get the information. For example when you talk about Terroir/Appalation, take the people to another corner of the store, take a bottle a from the shelf and explain the Rhone-Valley there. The "only-sitting-on-a-not-so-comfortable-chair-for-over-two-hours" was a bit too much "Frontal-Unterricht" (I don't know the English word for it) so if you can manage to bring more motion into the people, you will automatically bring more emotion into your class.
But of course these are only my thoughts - I really enjoyed your class and hope to come back for a "level 2" course :).

Hi Reto, thanks for the thoughtful good feedback. I like your point, we could use the full wines on display--instead of just showing labels--to show in 'real life' how to pick out different regions and grapes, and people could move around more. We could also combine that idea with more specific homework assignments. Thanks again, it was a pleasure to host you and Cristina, you're welcome anytime! Robert
Very informative and expanding

I was happy to learn things about wine varietals I would normally never try or buy in the store. The cleverly crafted flow of tasting and information helped me better understand my own flavor preferences while opening up my appreciation for new wines.
Would definitely recommend to people looking to round out there knowledge of wines.

Very instructive and fun course !

As a French I always wanted to learn about wine, and this 2-session course taught me a lot not only about the basics of Reds and Whites, but also about my own tastes. By the end of the first class I was already able to identify what wine characteristics I would actually favor over others. I will definitely sign up for further classes, it was real fun, not pretentious at all, and Robert is a fantastic host too !!

5 star

Very informative course, well organized and very clear
I have learned a lot in 2 sessions about the basics of wine tasting, I highly recommend it, Thanks

Experience and Fun

I didn't not only have lots of fun during the course but also learned a lot about wine. Robert is very experienced, shares his knowledge very understandable and can answer all questions occuring.

I will be back!


ll Uncorked events have one thing in common - so much fun! Carefully selected wines, perfectly matched to freshly cooked food, nice ambiance and interesting people - count us in for the next event :-)

A great night

Excellent evening pairing wine and curry. My first time at an uncorked event but it won't be my last.


Very good wine, very good food, cool people, great organizers (Robert, Stephanie and Sandra if I'm not wrong) --> in few words awesome event!

4 star

Curry My Favour - Wine with The Sauce

A Blitztour of Wine, Fun and Games

As something of a graduation gift to myself, I registered for the Wine Appreciation Course (6 evenings) with Robert. I had tasted and drunk wine before, but knew almost nothing about its production, differences in grape varieties, the regions, labels, or traditions, or what flavors and aromas are supposed to be available. Boy, did Robert change that quickly! I have a basic grasp of all that information now--far from an expert, but enough to build on.
The course moves fast--an impressive feat, given how much wine is consumed each evening--but that ensures that it's never boring. The course structure has clearly had some thought put into it to make it accessible to beginners. Yet despite the fact that *we are learning about wine* (snobby fake French accent), it's great fun; plenty of room for questions, jokes, what have you. Proof that education doesn't have to be boring or wine stuffy.

P.S: yes, it's expensive, but welcome to Switzerland.

Wine appreciation - simple and applicable

I loved this class! The class was well-structured with great tasting examples for gaining a sense of the most important styles and grapes and how to taste them. And Robert's enthusiasm is contagious!

5 star

Robert, I loved your passion which inflamed my devotion to sink into wines world even more....
Thank you!

5 star

What a great course! I learned so much and feel more educated about wine, food pairing, reading wine labels in 4 different languages, appellations of wine and most of all what to do when asked to taste the wine at a restaurant. Thanks so much for teaching this very informative and valuable course. I loved it!

Top Rack Or Brown Sack? - Blind Tasting For Fun
5 star

Top Rack Or Brown Sack? - Blind Tasting For Fun

Exceptionally helpful no matter what level you start at

good group of people...excellent evenings...flexible scheduling

Top Rack Or Brown Sack? - Blind Tasting For Fun
Fantastic evening for us as first-timers!

My girlfriend Kate and I had a really great time. Loved how easy going it was!

Would it be possible to know the vintages of the wines as well?

Top Rack Or Brown Sack? - Blind Tasting For Fun
Great atmosphere!

I had a terrific time! I could truly enjoy the wind and the food but the atmosphere really got people talking with each other. I loved it!

Top Rack Or Brown Sack? - Blind Tasting For Fun
5 star

Top Rack Or Brown Sack? - Blind Tasting For Fun

Top Rack Or Brown Sack? - Blind Tasting For Fun
Don't know how you do it...

Every time I attend one of your events I have a fabulous time. Lots of lovely wine and food and always a charming crowd.

5 star

It was a wonderful experience! A great way to learn about wine in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. Robert makes each class very informative and exciting. Would highly recommend Uncorked to any wine lover looking to broaden their knowledge about wine.

5 star

Wine Appreciation Course - 6 Evenings

Wine Appreciation Course - 6 Evenings

Best Tuesday evenings for 6 weeks! Robert is knowledgeable, fun, entertaining and super friendly! Learned tons about wine as well as food pairings and best part, get to bring wine home too!

Wine Appreciation Course - 6 Evenings

Best Tuesday evenings for 6 weeks! Robert is knowledgeable, fun, entertaining and super friendly! Learned tons about wine as well as food pairings and best part, get to bring wine home too!