Every Rosé Has Its Thorn - Summer's Coolest Wines

Every Rosé Has Its Thorn - Summer's Coolest Wines

In summer... cool customers drink pink!

Friday, August 25, 2017
7:00 - 9:30pm

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at Steinfels Weinhandel, Pfingstweidstrasse 6, 8005-Zürich

6 of summer’s best wines to taste + 4 specially-prepared food courses

Rosé wines currently enjoy a global surge in popularity yet remain a classic wine world paradox--adored in some areas, shunned in others. What's the misunderstanding? Well, lots of great rosés exist but unfortunately lots of plonk too; to make matters worse, color and price really indicate nothing about true quality.

What's a hot, thirsty, confused wine drinker to do? Join our annual favorite Wine, Food, Wine! event and taste the whole spectrum of summer's coolest wines, from delicate blushing masterpieces to deeply extracted "construction workers'" rosés.

We even include two infamous rosés produced by Hollywood's Brangelina (ex-)pair. Part of the puzzle is how the wines’ personalities develop with certain foods... the dishes we're serving that evening!

Not a lecture, rather a nice mix of eating, drinking, chatting and learning.

Customer Reviews

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We really enjoyed the evening! Thank you so much

Fun and relaxed wine tasting evening

I attended the rose tasting event a little while ago. The evening included an interesting mixture of different types of rose wines and delicious food which complemented each other perfectly. Robert and Stephanie are great hosts and their enthusiasm for wine really shows.

Every Rosé Has Its Thorn - Summer's Coolest Wines.

nice atmosphere, lovely wines, good food!
You're not only improved your knowledge of wine, your also proved your excellent cooking skills! Thank you for the lovely evening!
Next time I would love to know a little bit more about the origin and differences of those certain wines you served... and maybe dish up two glasses, so we could compare the wine ;)

Great way to taste-test a lot of good wine. Paired with amazing food!

What fun evening! 6 wines and 4 beautiful food pairings. The food was lovingly prepared by the hosts - nice touch! This was no stinky cheese and cold deli pairing. We had roasted pork, salmon, and shrimp tostada! Would definitely go again.

Rose Tasting

The rose and food were beautifully paired and all went down a treat, it was nice to taste a range of different wines outside the normal ones we drank. Great social event as well.